Immigrants' Prayer
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Mary of the Magnificat, Mother of the Poor

Image of Mary of the Magnificat painted by William McNichols

image©Wm. McNichols, S.J.

 "Hospitality is simply practicing God's mercy to those around us."


Dorothy Day,

The Catholic Worker


Prayer to Welcome Immigrants

O God,
Who welcomes all his children,
And embraces even the prodigal ones,
Help us open our hearts
And welcome all who come, searching
As our ancestors did,
For the promise of a new land, a new life.

Root out fear from our souls;
Help us form the words
“Sister” and “Brother”
As we greet the newcomers.

Let us remember that,
With your grace,
There are enough loaves and fishes
To go around
If we come together
As your family.

Give us the courage
And the compassion
To respect the rights of all
In this country of abundance,
To embrace all in
The name of Your love.



Reflection Questions

 + Think back to the Old Testament stories in the Bible. What were the Israelites’ experiences migrating and moving across land? What were God’s laws in the  Old     

     Testament about how immigrants and foreigners were to be treated?


 + Why do you think the Church has compassion for immigrants? What principles of Catholic Social Teaching can help guide our countries policies toward immigrants?



 + What misconceptions about immigrants does Cardinal Mahony identify? How does he respond to these misconceptions?

 + What have you done and what can you do to better follow Cardinal Mahony’s example of being a voice for voiceless immigrants?